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Love. Courage. Transformation.

About Zella

Zella is SUPER passionate about healing from the inside out and activating our true, authentic voice in powerful and fun ways. She is certified in Emotion Code and Body Code, Breathwork, and Sound Healing. She channels guidance from Source to aid in the release of all toxic patterns and belief systems held in the body and energy such as: trapped emotions, ancestral and inner child wounding, spiritual trauma, timeline karma, and energy transmutation. Zella has a background an degree in music, specifically voice, and also facilitates sound healing release classes. Her passion is to guide you to empower yourself and live in freedom.

Zella has seen tremendous life-altering personal improvements through use of The Emotion Code and The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson regarding Lyme disease (joint pain and low energy, digestive and stomach problems, and extremely low immune system function). Her life is completely different than even a few years ago with living in thriving energy, high immune system function, greatly reduced pain, and general inner peace and stability. 

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Zella Mae

Certified Practitioner in Emotion Code and Body Code, Breathwork, and Sound Healing


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What Clients Are Saying!

"Zella was absolutely wonderful during our emotion code appointments over the phone. I appreciate so much her patience and clear explanation of the emotions she cleared during our sessions and how easy it was to talk to her about what I wished to work on. I tend to carry stress in my shoulders and back, resulting in discomfort and achiness in my muscles. After just one session with Hannah, I felt my pain immensely decrease the next day, and after our second session it was completely gone! My appointments with Hannah not only helped me physical but mentally as well, I love how much lighter I feel after an emotion code session, like a weight of negativity is completely lifted off! Hannah definitely knows what she is doing and is obviously gifted as a practitioner."

Christie, Age 22


“I would highly recommend working with Zella in a heartbeat! She is highly trained, informative and organized during her one-on-one sessions.  I was instantly put at ease during our sessions because she took the time to get to know me as a person first and then a client second.  By building this foundation, I was able to open up and was able to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. I am now able to open up to others I encounter, enjoy being in the present moment, and am beginning to love life again.  I am forever grateful for her guidance, assistance, service and professionalism.”

Carissa, Age 33

My 11-year-old daughter has been picking her nails for years. I’ve tried positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement to no lasting avail . After a few sessions with Zella, my daughter has stopped picking her nails!

After a particularly shocking event in my life, I struggled emotionally to find peace. Traditional counseling helped me sort things out, but even though I knew what was accurate mentally, I was still a mess emotionally.  Sessions with Hannah helped me relax and feel at peace. I’m so grateful!

Lauren, Age 44

I have been living with Lyme disease for 20 years now. I was blessed to experience both physical and emotional healing from the Body Code. Thanks to Finding Wellness and the energetic work I experienced, I was able to release both physical and mental pain. I sleep better, feel more in control of my life, and recovered fully from a sinus infection I had off and on for three years. I would wholeheartedly recommend this practitioner to anyone looking to experience healing.

Tricia, Age 48

My whole life I have struggled with the presence of evil. It goes in cycles and often happens at night. This aggravates my insomnia. Sometimes I’ve gone months with little to no sleep. After Zella worked on me in the middle of one of these cycles, the presence lessened greatly and, after the third session, left completely. Not only do I feel it gone from myself, but the spot in which I could feel it is now clear. I am so grateful for the work Zella did for me. It provided so much needed relief!

C. L., Age 33

"I had my first distance Body Code experience with Zella last week on an issue that I have had on and off for over 10 years. I've dabbled in Emotion Code but found the Body Code much more comprehensive, narrowing down imbalances  down to the gut microbiome! Zella was very thorough and I felt an immediate relief in the area of discomfort. As an energy worker myself, I find that it is often more difficult to see things objectively when it comes to helping yourself so I am so grateful that I got to experience such a beautiful healing from another healer who knew little about me. Zella radiates a gorgeous calming and compassionate energy and I would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing chronic symptoms on a physical, emotional or mental level."

Jo, Age  40

Your journey to finding wellness awaits!


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