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Hannah Ricks is a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner who helps others release the emotional and energetic baggage to live in wellness and freedom.  Hannah has a background in music education as well as alternative healing and is a life-long learner of both.  She loves to empower others to be their truest and highest self through releasing energetic blocks.  

Hannah has seen tremendous life-altering personal improvements through use of The Emotion Code and The Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson regarding lyme's disease (joint pain and low energy, digestive and stomach problems, and extremely low immune system function). Her life is completely different than even a few years ago with living in thriving energy, high immune system function, greatly reduced pain, and general inner peace and stability. 

Get in touch to learn more about the incredible benefits of energy healing through The Emotion Code and The Body Code. See the contact information to find your way to wellness!

Emotion Code and Body Code Certified Practitioner


The Emotion Code and The Body Code are systems of releasing trapped emotions and other imbalances that lodge themselves in the body.  The program was originally developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson from his book, The Emotion Code, and later compiled into a more comprehensive system called "The Body Code." Find out more at: https://discoverhealing.com/

This form of energetic healing involves using muscle testing to find the imbalances, and magnetic energy to release these imbalances that become lodged in our bodies.  These trapped emotions/imbalances can show up in the form of various emotional disturbances, and a myriad of health problems including pain.  

By releasing these emotions and imbalances , we bring the body's energies into balance, allowing it to heal and function the way it was created!

Sessions are available through phone call, Skype, and email.  

A 10% discount is offered for Teachers, Veterans, and Seniors! (Age 65 and up)

Each session comes with a FREE, personalized affirmation plus input!

Each session is up to 50 minutes long, so each person has the maximum amount of time needed for the most clearing.

Individual Body Code session: $99

Set of three Body Code sessions: $260

(Approx. $86.00 per session)

Set of 12 Body Code sessions package (one per month for 12 months): $999

(Approx. $83.00 per session)

Invoices can be paid through Paypal and Venmo (Hannah-Ricks-6)









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